About Us

ReeLand Investments was created to add a new edge to the real estate scenario of California. The owners of ReeLand identified the clear gaps in the development of residential properties and the housing supply chain. They identified the prospects and raised the benchmarks to a higher level, and spearheaded the creation of a promising investment and home development company.

At ReeLand, we don't just turn distressed houses into luxurious properties, we design homes in tune with the requirements of existing communities and forthcoming generations. With such varied housing alternatives on offer, we incessantly evolve our plans to meet the demands of property sellers and home buyers. ReeLand offers second-to-none service and homes of exceptional quality at a competitive pricing.

With ReeLand Investments, customers are exempt from taking a leap with a stranger. We know the State of California and are endowed with proper knowledge and resources. With us, clients start their move on the right foot, on the right properties and work with the right business who knows the ins-and- outs of any neighborhood. From the moment you begin your transaction with us, to the day we hand over your cash or new house keys, your satisfaction is of supreme importance.