Work with ReeLand

Wish to give your career a winning edge with ReeLand?

At ReeLand Investments, our commitment to our employees make us the most favored employer-of-choice in the real estate and construction industry. We encompass regular vacancies for jobs such as administration executives, attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, property managers, sales and marketing experts, architects, engineers, and construction workers. We regularly spend an ample amount of funds on developing a solid infrastructure and industry-leading technology. Working with us can reward you both in terms of compensation and knowledge.

If you are a licensed and insured contractor, then ReeLand is keen to work with you. The contractors must be dependable and should be ready to undertake ongoing construction projects. They must work as required for jobs in the California area. If you are a contractor with high ethical and occupational standards who seeks to develop a long-term association with a well-established real estate development firm, we can provide you with a sound stream of work and pay you promptly for the effort you make.

If you are a licensed real estate agent in California, ReeLand welcomes you to be associated with us. You must be well-versed with the real estate realm of California since you would be at the frontline of negotiations and transactions amid property buyers and sellers. If you share the dream of mutual growth as an agent as well as gain long-term accomplishments, we look forward to meeting you soon!